Everything You Want to Know about MindFuck
(and maybe a wee bit more)

Q: What format do MindFuck books and stories come in?

A: MindFuck books are currently available in a wide range of formats, from a number of sources. Simple-text formats (such as html) are easy to download and read on almost any system, while other formats are more specific to a type of reader (such as Kindle).

Most books are also available in PDF-versions. This simple format allows you to view the books at their prettiest -- including photos and covers-- and works on almost every computer and operating system. It is simple to use, easy to read and can be quickly searched to re-read a favorite section or to find your place.

Q: How do I pay?

A: MindFuck books are available via a number of payment options, including credit cards and Pay Pal. It's up to you. You choose how you want to read your favorite MindFuck authors and how you want to pay them.

Q: How do you ensure your writers get paid?

A: MindFuck writers are carefully chosen for the quality of their work. These authors choose which stories they want to offer on MindFuck, how those stories are packaged and presented, and they help promote their own work and, in turn, the company. In exchange, they receive every penny that their work earns.

Q: Whose bright idea was this MindFuck thing anyway?

A: MindFuck Fiction is the brainchild of writer, editor and teacher Shanna Germain, whose goal is to create a cooperative space for outstanding writers to publish, promote and sell their work.


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