Why Buy MindFuck?

Here at MindFuck, we understand that you can buy your fiction anywhere and everywhere. From the big guys like Amazon and Borders, as well as from various other small and independent sites like us...

Which is why we always want to give you just a little more more. Here's what we offer that no one else can: With every story, collection or book that you purchase, you get more than just fantastic words on the page. You also get exclusive content that's designed just for MindFuck Fiction:
  • Pillow Talk: A behind-the-scenes glimpse of the author. Sometimes this is an interview or a short essay. Other times, it's a photo or a bit of a diary entry.
  • Under the Covers: The author's inspirations for and ideas behind each story, whether they be a real-life experience, a photo, a song or something else entirely. Discover what drew the author to create the story, and use the inspiration for your own life or writing.
  • Messy Sheets: A bit of the very first draft, whether it be hand-written or typed, to give you a window into how the story began, and how it was molded, tweaked and developed before it became the well-crafted piece of art that you have in your hands.
In addition, you'll be pleased to know that MindFuck authors keep one hundred percent of their sales. We believe that art matters and, more importantly, that artists matter -- and that they deserve every penny (or pound) of their hard-earned money. Which is why all of the money that you spend at MindFuck ends up right where it belongs: in the writers' pockets.

Only at MindFuck Fiction. Only for you.



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