Six In One Blow: Running Wild

Running Wild is a collection of six literate, hot stories that explores BDSM from a variety of angles and viewpoints. From "How to Spank Me," in which the narrator asks for a specific kind of spanking, to the wife remembering her first belt bondage in "Until It's Gone," these smart, sultry stories are sure to get your brain and your body revving...

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With her arms above her head, her small tits tilted upward. He loved her tits, pale and down-fuzzed as summer peaches, but it was her nipples that he loved the most, the way they stretched high and taut when she was aroused. He’d teased her first, rubbing the sharp edge of the clamp teeth along the inside of her thigh, around the edges of her neck, in smaller and smaller circles around her nipples. He loved to watch the points push into her skin.

Stella was as still as he’d told her to be, mouth closed, only her flared nostrils giving away her arousal. When he saw she was wet, he slid the opened clamp along the edge of her pussy lips, up to her clit. He’d never clamped her there, but he’d promised her it was coming. Now he closed the clamp, just a bit, on that pale pink flesh. She arched her back and gasped.
He took the clamps away, slapped the curvy bottom of her ass, hard enough to feel the sting on his palm. “Be still,” he said.
She closed her eyes, her nostrils flaring. When her eyes were closed, he opened both clamps and then closed them on the rosy skin of her nipples. Stella inhaled deep in through her nose.
He leaned back and watched her, the metal clips closed onto her taut flesh, leaving little pinpoints of bloodless skin. At the end of the bed, Stella’s feet, the only thing she couldn’t keep still, arched in their bonds. Her clit was aching, he knew. “You want to be fucked?” he asked.
~From "The Sun is an Ordinary Star"




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