Introducing: Gluttony!

Eat Me: Seven Stories of Gluttony is the first in MindFuck Fiction's new line of Sexy Sins books! Available as a gorgeous e-book -- complete with seven loin- and lust-stirring stories of gluttony and depravity, a special edition bookplate and an authors' tell-all section -- this collection is sure to whet your appetite in more ways than one.

Don't miss this chance to delight your senses with stories from the delectable crew of Gina Marie, Heidi Champa, Daisy James, Erobintica, Dorla Moorehouse, Connor Wright and Kaysee Renee Robichaud. Within these pages, you'll be invited to feast on the gorgeous prose and sensual actions of characters who howl at the hunger moon, eat fish--and more--on Fridays, gorge on gorgeous men at the train depot, and lick their frosted fingers every chance they get...

ORDER NOW by clicking the little button below. It's that easy to get your personalized copy of Eat Me: Seven Sexy Stories of Gluttony. And you can feel good knowing that every single red-hot cent is going directly into the authors' pockets. Just $3.95! (Note: Each book is personalized for your own (or your lover's) library, so please allow a bit of time between order and digital delivery). 

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